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Moalboal Marine Park Fee

The Moalboal Provincial Government established a Marine Park Entrance Fee System based on Tickets. Tickets are purchased for a fee of 100 Pesos (about 2 $) per dive. The local government will utilize these funds to finance a number of high priority conservation programs in the area, including patrols and enforcement to abolish destructive fishing practices such as blast and cyanide fishing, village improvement programs within the park, collection and disposal of plastic and other wastes entering the park’s waters, marine conservation education of village children and adults, and reef and mangrove rehabilitation. Tickets can be purchased through marine tourism operators based in Moalboal or at the dive center. We greatly appreciate your support and cooperation with this entrance fee system. Conservation of Moalboal’s spectacular marine habitats requires funding, and your entrance fee is a valuable contribution to saving Moalboal’s reefs.

Payments – Dive Center

We want to make it as convenient as possible for you. We recommend that you dive as much as you like. You don’t have to purchase a dive package in advance. At the end of your vacation we just add the dives up and see which of our dive package gives you the best deal. You can pay your diving bill directly in the dive center on check out (except dive safaris).

  • Cash Payments: If you want to do us a favor, please bring cash Peso, US$, HK$, Yen, Euro or any other currency.
  • Bank Transfers: You can pay also in advance to our bank accounts in the Philippines and Germany.
  • Online Banking: Pay with online banking directly from the dive shop.
  • PayPal: Make payments to us via PayPal
  • ATM: Even though there is a ATM machine in Moalboal town, this machine is often out of cash or not functioning. The next ATMs in neighboring towns are about 1 hour away (bus ride)
  • Credit Card: Generally we accept VISA, Master Cards and US$ Traveler Checks for scuba diving activities, but not for room charges of the beach resort. Please be aware that processing credit card payments is sometimes difficult or not functioning.

Payments – Beach Resort

  • At the resort, Love’s Beach Resort accepts only cash payments for accommodation, restaurant bills and massage services.


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