PADI Open Water Course on Lockdown

PADI Open Water Course on Lockdown

Scuba Divers enjoying the reef

Study for your PADI Dive Course at home while on Lockdown due to Corona Virus

Locked down?
This might be the best time to sign up for a PADI eLearning Course!

So many of you wanted to take the PADI Open Water Course and become certified divers. Or take an advanced class. But the corona virus wreaked havoc with your diving and travel plans, you couldn’t come to our tropical paradise and do the course.

So what can you do?

Study at home!
Now you have the time anyway.
Take the a discounted PADI eLearning Course and complete the theory part of your dive course at home from the comfort of your couch. This way you don’t only keep yourself busy, you save also valuable vacation time, time you can spend scuba diving instead of studying.

PADI has a promo running and offers a 25% discount on all eLearning courses.

Get more info or sign up with PADI eLearning here

You will be directed to PADI’s website. There you have a choice of Beginner, Continuing Education and Professional PADI Courses. You have an entire year to complete the online portion and can connect at any time with us to complete your in-water training.

Here is a short video from PADI walking you through the stages of the PADI Open Water Course:

If you have questions, contact us. We have a very professional and experienced team stand-by here, several dive masters, dive instructors and course directors all at your service. We can answer all your diving related questions, in many languages.

And when the time comes to do the actual diving, we guarantee you will see turtles. Just like in the video. They are out there waiting for you, just in front of our dive center.

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