Cebu Fun Divers Blog – What is going on topside and under water?

Cebu Fun Divers Blog is about latest happenings in the dive shop, in Cebu and on dive safaris. Here you will find news about the newest developments at the beach here in Moalboal. Also on last minute deals, e.g. for dive safaris. PADI dive course information will be placed here, too.

How to properly store your scuba diving gear!

scuba gear by the pool at Cebu Fun Divers - Moalboal

How to Store Your Scuba Diving Gear If you want your water sporting and outdoor equipment to last as long as possible, it’s essential to store it properly. Your gear is a considerable cost investment, so maintaining it for the long term will help you get as much value from it as possible. Even if […]

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Leopard Shark found dead in Moalboal

Leopard Shark Moalboal

JUVENILE LEOPARD SHARK FOUND DEAD Our dive instructor Oscar found this morning a baby leopard shark at the fishermen area near Talisay Point. Sadly the baby shark was found dead. Moalboal is a special marine protected area where sharks are protected. Unfortunately this fact is not very well known. Since leopard sharks are bottom feeders, the baby shark […]

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Cebu Fun Divers wins Travel & Hospitality Award

United Kingdom, 16/03/2021: The Travel & Hospitality Awards is proud to announce that Cebu Fun Divers has been awarded in its 2021 Asia Travel Awards programme. While this year has been the toughest the travel industry has ever faced, we endeavour to recognise those who deserve praise and to promote the hard work of tenacious […]

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PADI Open Water Course on Lockdown

Scuba Divers enjoying the reef

Study for your PADI Dive Course at home while on Lockdown due to Corona Virus Locked down?Bored?This might be the best time to sign up for a PADI eLearning Course! So many of you wanted to take the PADI Open Water Course and become certified divers. Or take an advanced class. But the corona virus […]

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Hermann’s new PADI Awards

Hermann’s new PADI Awards For over 20 years Hermann has been diving, guiding and teaching PADI dive courses with us here in Moalboal. He is in the water every day and there is hardly any diver int the region who is more experienced. Here he just received another PADI Elite Instructor diploma which he shows […]

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We are banning single-use plastics in our area as much as we can. Plastic water bottles are banned already since many years in our dive shops. Free water is available at our dispenser for our guests. Now we switch to reusable and recyclable containers for coffee, tea, cream and sugar. No more single use plastic! For inquiries and reservations […]

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Mango Tree Planting

Tree Planting Cebu Seaview Resort Moalboal

This is lovely Angelica with her proud mama, Perry, and our very first Mango tree seedling. Angelica is graduating Elementary School. The Philippines recently passed a new law which requires all elementary, high school, and college students to plant at least 10 trees each before they can graduate. Inspired by the recent post of Noel […]

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PADI Women’s Dive Day event at Cebu Fun Divers in Moalboal

LADY’S DIVE DAY – A PADI WOMAN’S DIVE DAY EVENT On July 21st we will host a day dedicated to Womens Diving.  Join us on a day dedicated to female scuba divers, all women and girls who would like to try scuba diving, or brush up on some skills. Our own Maribeth Balane (Beth), will host […]

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Whale Shark Encounter in Moalboal

Whale Shark Encounter in Moalboal Recently on April 17, our divers have encountered a young whale shark just close by our house reef. As the crew were on their way for an afternoon dive at Moalboal Bay, several fishermen and other divers gestured the “whale shark” sign and pointed at a nearby spot. The boatman […]

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Sharky’s Pool Bar

Sharky's Pool Bar at Cebu Fun Divers

My fellow divers, we have great news: SHARKY’S POOL BAR has finally opened! You can now enjoy a sunset drink at CEBU FUN DIVERS with an amazing pool sea view. And most importantly, we have ICE COLD BEER!

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