Scuba Diving

Here you will find detailed information about all kinds of scuba diving activities in Moalboal, including snorkeling, shore diving, boat diving activities, deep dive spots and more …

Deep Diving

Deep Diving – Many new divers are drawn to scuba diving by the appeal of going deep, be it curiosity of what they might find there, the challenge of overcoming fears or the tranquility one can experience at depth.

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Nitrox Diving

Enriched air or Nitrox is an alternative breathing gas used by Recreational and Technical Divers, if you have not heard of the gas before you might be wondering what all of the fuss is about. Here are a few reasons why this might be the gas of choice for you.

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Moalboal is well-known for the abundance of soft and hard corals in a wide variety even in shallow water. This makes it a prime location not only for scuba divers but for snorkelers and free-divers as well.

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Night Diving


We can promise you this without reservation, you will never forget your first night dive. Everything is a little different right from the moment you start gearing up as it grows darker outside, the walk down to the shore and entering the dark water. The ambiance is amazing, as you descend with your flashlight in hand waiting for the bottom to come into view stop for a minute and soak it up.

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