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Whale Shark Encounter in Moalboal

Recently on April 17, our divers have encountered a young whale shark just close by our house reef.

As the crew were on their way for an afternoon dive at Moalboal Bay, several fishermen and other divers gestured the “whale shark” sign and pointed at a nearby spot. The boatman drove towards the said location and saw a couple of bankas and snorkelers paddling around. Just as the divers took a quick glance at the water, this large, energetic juvenile whale shark resurfaced unto shallow water and swam around playfully. One diver hurriedly grabbed his camera and filmed this rare but extraordinary encounter. The whale shark stayed at least 15 minutes with us and clearly enjoyed our company, and so were we. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to this friendly creature and had to carry on with our boat dive. We were very lucky to experience this short but blissful moment. 

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