Emergency Diving Procedures

Dive Shop Emergency Management Plan


Emergency Procedures

  1. STOP ( Take a deep breath)- Think (Take the emergency plan)-Act (Execute and / or delegate)
  2. Delegate tasks but only if enough qualified persons are around!
    1. Rescue victim from water or other location.
    2. Contact Emergency Services.
    3. Discover the signs and symptoms and write them down.
    4. Contact DAN (If signs and symptoms purely SCUBA diving related).
    5. Control the scene (Or let someone control it if you are busy by yourself).

When calling Emergency Services, state the following:

  1. Your name and the mobile and / or landline number and where you can be reached!
  2. Exact location of victim.
  3. What kind of emergency (SCUBA diving, or SCUBA diving related)!
  4. Signs and symptoms of victim as precise as possible and when the signs and symptoms occurred!
  5. DAN membership number ( if available and applicable)
  6. Do not hang up before the person on the other side of the line!

Primary and Secondary Care:

  1. Airways (check if airways open and check for breathing).
  2. If not breathing administer 2 rescue breath.
  3. Circulation checks(Pulse at wrist AND Carotid Arteries)
  4. If no pulses administer 30 chest compressions (Continue CPR until EMS arrives or patient is breathing.
  5. Defibrillation-Defibrillate if AED is available
  6. If breathing administer 100% oxygen  or the highest content available
  7. Check for shock, bleedings , broken bones and other injuries and / or illnesses!

Distance from Moalboal to Cebu Hospitals and Decompression Chamber :89 km 2.5 hrs

Distance from Panagsama Beach to Moalboal Doctor : 4km – 10 mins.

Distance from Panagsama Beach  to Badian Hospital: 14kms – 20 mins

Distance from Panagsama Beach to Barili Hospital: 36kms – 30 mins.

DAN – Divers Alert Network

DAN Divers Alert Network Philippines 02-771-9245

DAN Manila Office 026321077

DAN DES= Diving Emergency Services +61882129242

DAN Asia Pacific Australia: +61398869166 (Ashburn, Victoria)

Decompression Chamber

Cebu Office: 032-254-9262 (Lahug, VISCOM Hospital)

Mamerto Ortega II: 0919-517-5900 (Operator)

Mamerto Ortega II Residence: 032-235-5662

Gavino Loreto 09195092579

Dr. Eugenio Mislang: 09169296045

Dr Michael Luna:09178348363

Dr Don Garcia: 09163612177

Hyperbaric Medicine Facility AFPMC PCSSD

029207183 (Dan Accredited Manila)

Dr Jojo Bernardo: 09193471773

Helicopter Evacuation (mostly not working)

Airforce 505 SAR Unit 0323408284 (Cebu, Mactan)

PCG Aviation Group 028511639 (Manila)

Coast Guard

PCG-Philippine Coast Guard-Cebu

032 – 4166386 (Operations HQ Pier 3)

09223574919 (Operation HQ Pier 3)

09296864123 (Operations HQ Pier 3)

Ambulance and Hospitals

Ambulance Moalboal: 4748205

Badian Hospital 4759046

Barili Hospital 4709026

Hospitals Cebu

Cebu Doctors Hospital 032 – 255 5555

Chong Hua Hospital 032 – 254 1461

Perpetual Succor Hospital 032 – 233 8620


Download Emergency Contact numbers for the Philippines: Emergency_Contact_Philippines
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