PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC)

PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC)

Change your life, swap your suit and tie for a wetsuit and fins and become a PADI SCUBA INSTRUCTOR in paradise.

Cebu Fun Divers  is proud to offer you the chance to join our PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC in short) in the Seven Seas Scuba Academy in Moalboal on the island of Cebu, located at our branch Savedra Dive Center.

As a PADI Dive Instructor you will be one of the most sought-after dive professionals on the planet. Whether you work in a local dive center, at a resort or on a live-aboard dive boat, the adventure of a lifetime awaits you.

In just two weeks you can earn the certification that will allow you to teach Scuba Diving in some of the most breath taking locations on the planet.

We can offer modular education packages that allow you to finish your training started elsewhere, or fully inclusive packages with materials and accommodation, just tell us what you would like to achieve.

PADI Instructor Development Courses

PADI IDC Philippines Schedule

IDC Month EFR-I Start IDC Start PADI IE Start
August 2018 28 August 2018 30 August 2018 12 September 2018
November 2018 12 November 2018 14 November 2018 28 November 2018
January 2019 18 January 2019 03 January 2019 16 January 2019
February 2019 31 January 2019 02 February 2019 15 February 2019
March 2019 24 March 2019 26 March 2019 08 April 2019
May 2019 30 April 2019 02 May 2019 15 May 2019
July 2019 22 July 2019 24 July 2019 06 August 2019
August 2019 27 August 2019 29 August 2019 11 September 2019
November 2019 11 November 2019 13 November 2019 26 November 2019



You will need to be 18 years old before starting your Divemaster course or IDC, if you are not yet 18 you can start training up to your Rescue Diver certification. You will need at least 100 logged dives in your book before starting your IDC.

Divemasters, or Assistant Instructors, certified by PADI or any other recognized agency may participate in the IDC. If you are not yet a Divemaster contact us for a complete training package.

Please note Divemasters, from PADI or any other recognized agency, might progress directly onto the IDC or participate in the Assistant Instructor and Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) course separately.

Instructors wishing to cross over to PADI may enroll directly onto the OWSI part of the IDC and afterwards participate in the PADI Instructor Exams (IE).

Instructor Crossovers Program

Instructors from other agencies wishing to cross over to PADI may choose to complete the full IDC, or if they prefer the second half of the IDC which is the Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) course.

This program introduces the PADI system of education and how to use the teaching tools provided by the agency. At the end of this program candidates must attend the PADI Instructor Exam (IE) to qualify.

PADI Instructor Exam (IE)

The IE follows both the IDC, the OWSI and Instructor Crossover programs. The IE is staffed exclusively by PADI staff and serves as an independent verification that you are ready to join the ranks of PADI professionals.

All of our professional programs are timed to coincide with the IE in Moalboal, Cebu City and occasionally Dumagete and our staff will accompany you there. PADI conduct IE’s around the world in various locations throughout the year.

You are not obliged to enroll in that IE, if you wish you may choose another destination at another date, however do keep in mind that it may not be possible for our staff to accompany you.

Staff Instructor programs

PADI staff Instructors are able to independently conduct PADI assistant instructor programs and, with the assistance of a course director, segments of the IDC.

PADI staff instructor courses start 2 full days before an IDC and run concurrently with the program, you will learn how to evaluate candidates at this level and prepare them for the IE.

EFR Instructor Course

All PADI instructors are required to be EFR instructors, however this is essentially a non-diving certification and anyone with an interest, CPR and first aid training may enroll on this course.

The course takes two full days and will cover the fundamentals of teaching this program, coaching tips and techniques, course philosophy and more.

PADI Specialty Instructor

Specialty courses cover specific areas of diving such as Deep, Night, Enriched Air and many more. If PADI instructors would like to teach these programs they need to be rated for that subject.

Specialty Instructor courses vary in duration from half a day up to one and a half days depending on the topic. Let us know which ones you are interested in teaching and we can provide you with the information you need.

Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT)

MSDT’s are experienced PADI Instructors that are able to teach 5 or more diving specialties. We can provide the training to start teaching these specialties directly after your IE.

The MSDT prep course includes 5 instructor specialties of your choice, just let us know what you would like to teach and we will come back to you with a training package.


Please contact us for a personalized quotation for your training, which will include all required materials, and fees.

Use the this price list as a guide: PADI Instructor Development Course Rates


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