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Coral Garden at Moalboal

Dive Spots of Moalboal

Here is a short lists of our dive spots in Moalboal. Moalboal is mainly wall diving and you will find here turtles, sardine balls, mackerels, barracuda, ghostpipefish, sea horses and the occasional white tip shark, thresher shark or whale shark.

The list of the dive sites is not completed yet, we will update it soon.

For a map of Moalboal Dive Spots click here.

Here is a list of our dive spots and some marine life you can expect to see in them. 

Moalboal House Reef

Just a few meters from our dive center the house reef is available for a shore dive any time of the night and day. Down the steps, across the sand, fins and mask on and you’re on the dive site, diving has never been so easy. Even better, there is no trade off in quality, here you will see abundant coral, sea fans, sponges, turtles, and look a bit closer and you might see a small blue ringed octopus, a flamboyant cuttlefish and more.

Swim out approximately 30 meters from shore and the wall drops off vertically down to 60 to 70 meters / 500 feet, look out for whale sharks, tuna, jacks and turtles. 

Surface from your dive directly in front of the bar and restaurant. Our favorite time of day for a dive here has to be surfacing at sunset from some spectacular views of the sun dipping behind the opposite island Negros.

Pescador Island

Sardines Whitetip Shark Thresher Shark Barracuda Painted frogfish Giant anglerfish Nudibranch Orange cup corals. 

You will find a nice video on Pescador Island here 

Ronda Marine Sanctuary

Giant gorgonian sea fun’s Good hard and soft corals Lots of Gropers Nudibranch Titan triggerfish

Airplane Wreck

Sea moth Sea fan Pygmy seahorse Ornate ghost pipefish Titan triggerfish

White Beach

Giant frogfish Leaf scorpionfish Elephant ear anemone Broccoli soft coral Giant fan Gorgonian


Pygmy seahorse Ornate ghost pipefish Robus ghost pipefish Nice hard and soft corals Orangotan carb

Tuble Marine Sanctuary

Flathead scorpionfish Coral trout groper Potato cad groper Candy crab Hawksbill and green turtle

Kasai Reef

Round batfish Oriental sweetlips Spotted hawkfish Bicolor parrotfish Porcupinefish


Sardines Pygmy seahorse Seagrass ghost pipefish Whit eyed moray eel Banded pipefish

Oscar’s Cave

Savedra House Reef / Panagsama Beach

Cebu Fun Divers House Reef

Nudibranch Leaf scorpionfish Sea moth Pygmy seahorse Squad lobster Frog fish

Mandarin Fish Observaton Point

Mandarin fish Sea slugs

Talisay Wall

Green sea turtle Spider crab Urangotan crab Spotted Sweetlips Mandarin fish

Tongo Marine Sanctuary

Table coral Gold body trevally Electric fire clam shell Ornate ghost pipefish Hard and soft coral reefs

Sampanguita Reef

Gorgonian sea fan Giant frogfish Pygmy seahorse Tallfin batfish Hawksbill sea turtle

Balabagon Muck Dive

Badian Island

Sunken Island

Lambuk Beach


You will find more info on Moalboal’s dive spots also here

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